Stacy Notley is undeniably an expert in his industry. His extensive experience and compassion for people have been key drivers of his success for many years now. Not only has he been a resource for me as I work to maintain healthy credit but has been a support to my family over the years. So grateful for him and his team. I would highly recommend Stacy’s counseling service, book and/or workshop to anyone looking to improve their credit or simply maintain. His credit counseling programs are essential to a healthy financial future.

Mia L

My fiance and I were referred by an attorney to the Manning Group to ensure our credit was in good shape before we got married. We have been very impressed with the timeliness, thoroughness, and professionalism exhibited by all employees of the Manning Group. It’s president, Stacy Notley, is a charismatic credit coach who has something to teach everyone about good credit. And “the proof is in the pudding” – in a matter of weeks, I have already seen improvement in my credit scores. Even if you have good credit, there is a lot to know about maintaining that good credit you will learn by engaging the Manning Group. I highly recommend attending one of their comedy credit clinics. Don’t leave good credit to chance – leave it to the Manning Group!

Vasser L

Stacy and team helped us improve our credit score from mid 500s to mid 700s by removing incorrect information, credit management and education. I appreciate all hard work, exquisite focus and phenomenal outcomes for us.

Michael P.

I have had the opportunity to use the services of The Manning Group a number of times over the years. To say that they are professional and understand the needs of a client and how to meet those needs would be a great understatement. I have nothing but high praise for Stacy and his wonderful staff. Highly recommended !

Jarvis Y.

I appreciate The Manning Group, Mr. Notley and his staff for helping repair my credit. My credit scores have increased. I would recommend this company to anyone who is having credit issues. They are the best. Keep up the good work!!

Melba J.

I have worked with Mr. Notley and his staff for over 5 years. My first contact was in order to help my Real Estate clients who needed to remove negative reporting on credit that was affecting their ability to get the home loans they wanted. They were superb and when I discovered my own problem are which was due to identity theft and fraud by a former employee, he was the first person I called after the police. He was nothing short of a miracle worker. Finally, I had family members who needed assistance after a tax issue which was jeopardizing a job search. Again, Mr. Notley and the Manning Group helped improve the record and restore their credit. Now they are happily placed in their “dream job” with some of the credit going to The Manning Group.


My boss referred me to The Manning Group and I am so glad that she did! Stacy and his team are so wonderful, helpful and understanding. He will go out of his way to work with you and help you as much as he can. He explains everything so clearly and efficiently to make me feel comfortable and confident that my credit will indeed increase in a few months. I am thrilled I have the opportunity to work with such an amazing company

Amanda R.

I would give 10 stars if I could! They helped me increase my credit rating over the years and I believe the best credit repair company in Dallas. I’ve been working with The Manning Group for over 5 years. I’m decent at paying my bills & managing my credit. But as life goes some debts piled up, then life happens. Unfortunately, I’ve had several life events that caused my credit rating to be severely impacted. Allowing The Manning Group to help me navigate those challenging situations and getting my credit repaired was incredible. They are educators, counselors, comforters, teachers, and most importantly – an helpful resource when those events happen. Other credit companies can be cold and impersonal. The Manning Group is willing to stay with you when times get tough

Ted R.

Quality business committed to providing expert credit & debt management services. I needed credit repair services badly. TMG stepped me through the whole process. Very professional and easy to work with, they provided exactly what I needed for credit repairs. Great local business in Dallas. Stacy, the owner is a real nice guy. With a customer first approach The Manning Group has been servicing Dallas for over 20 years.

Chris B.

Through a referral, I met with Mr. Stacy Notley the owner of The Manning Group for help on my wife’s and my credit. Our credit score was already above 720. We had a judgement on our credit reports which we had already paid. We asked Stacy to have this judgement removed. After pulling our credit reports, Stacy and his team found over 30 mistakes, which included misspellings as well as incomplete and incorrect personal information. Within six weeks of hiring Stacy, the information was corrected and the judgement was removed on all but one of our credit reports. Stacy and his staff are professional, great to work with, and get things done quickly. I highly recommend The Manning Group.

William T.